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Clusive Online Events and Services

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Art classes and experiences can help develop critical motor skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, and provide children with special needs an outlet for expression and creativity. Clusive has a number of great listings for art lessons, camps and more, sortable by disability, keyword and more.

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Looking for online conferences for the special needs community? Clusive has the largest listings on the web for special needs resources and conferences.

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Movement builds body awareness - and it is fun! From ballet to hip-hop, check out Clusive's dance service providers for special needs to get your groove on.

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Looking for online educational events for the special needs? Clusive has great listings for educational events specifically designed for the differently-abled.

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Participating in fitness activities helps develop motor skills, social skills, improves cognitive health, in addition to improving all sorts of physical wellbeing indicators! So get your sweat on. Clusive offers a diverse selection of online fitness class listings for special needs.

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Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition management can provide positive outcomes for people with special needs, and nutrition interventions can even be used to manage some conditions. Browse Clusive's listings of health and nutrition consultants and events for special needs.

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Meditation and mindfulness helps develop self-regulation, recognize emotional responses to stimuli, and develop awareness of the mind-body connection. Clusive has great listings of online meditation opportunities for the special needs community.

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Connect, discuss, and find like-minded people related to your shared special-need interests through Clusive’s list of special needs meetups!

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Clusive has great listings for inclusive choirs, voice and music training and growing music skills for those with special needs. Soundabout that? Listening to and performing music stimulates nearly every part of the brain and positively affects cognitive function. So belt operatic arias. Or bang on some drums.

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Not everything fits in neat little categories and neither do you! Browse this section for various interesting inclusive online services and experiences for families and people with special needs.

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Storytelling & Theater

Theater and storytelling provide great outlets for self-expression, can help grow social skills and enhance confidence. Check out Clusive’s listings for online theater and storytelling events for people with special needs.

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Support Group

Sometimes living with special needs can feel isolating. Support groups exist to connect to others with your experiences and concerns! Check out Clusive’s listings of regional and national support groups, emotional support groups, policy and advocacy support groups for special needs, and more.

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Searching for workshop opportunities for your special needs child? Clusive has many workshop options sortable by disability, keyword and more.

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Yoga can help reduce stress, improve focus, increase confidence, help develop a sense of calm, increase strength and flexibility, and be a powerful coping strategy for practitioners. Asanas for autism and special needs? Spectrum yoga? Check out Clusive’s listings of online yoga events for the special needs community.

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