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About Us

About Us

Clusive was created out of the immediate need that we experienced in our own families, and we believe it will significantly enhance the lives of individuals with special needs and disabilities.

A college student in a wheelchair in Chicago is doing yoga with a woman in New Orleans, in a class taught from London. A 10 year old boy with developmental disabilities practices soccer with a Paralympian. A father in Omaha finally joins a meetup with 70 other people from all over the country to learn about mindful parenting of kids with Autism. 

Created by special needs families for the uniquely-abled among us all, Clusive selects the best virtual events and individual offerings that are all especially adaptive for disabilities and special needs.

We know that there are positive things happening as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. For the special needs and disabilities community, for whom this crisis is felt in unique and acute ways, a nearly unmovable door has finally opened: as work, play, and learning have gone virtual, the physical and mental barriers that excluded so many kids and adults have vanished.

What’s left is a borderless community of phenomenal activities, experiences, courses and conferences, happening every day, at all times of the day, led by people who are leaders in the field all the way to enthusiastic individuals daring to teach a class for the first time.

Organizations across America are stepping up and bringing their programming online. Rather than being locked out of events and activities because of physical restrictions, kids and adults with disabilities now have more options for physical, emotional, educational, and social activity, because the world, finally, is adapting to them.

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On a side note: as we grow, we will start to include in-person experiences, travel, and products that are all adapted to your needs. We would love to hear from YOU about what experiences or gear you love. Send us a note at

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